Englisch in der Wildnis


22. Jul. 2019 - 26. Jul. 2019     


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Salamander Camp in Salzburg Aigen
Gänsebrunn Straße, Salzburg


Englisch lernen in der Wildnis

für Mädchen zwischen von 8 bis 13 Jahren

English in nature provides a place to experience English in an inspiring environment.  We learn best when we WANT to learn when we are engaged and interested. Our classes are just that, they bring our students to a place where they learn English in an effortless and enjoyable way.

We integrate functional English vocabulary and conversational English skills, through the worlds of nature connection, yoga, and music.

Our daily activities will merge with the „Wald und Wildniswoche“ kids for the first morning circle, at lunch and sometimes at free play time (some of these programs might be in German). The rest of the day program will be in English. The class is designed to meet the needs of beginners through advanced students.

Classes will be taught by native English speaker Sarah Megan Vogt.


200€ per Child, included are lunch, materials, teachings and care.

180€ for members of the Natur und Wildnisschule Auenland e.V


Camp Times

Mo. – Thur.   ab 8.00 Uhr  –  16.45 Uhr

Friday ab 7.30 Uhr  –  12.30 Uhr

(Kids arrival time is between 8-9 AM.  At 9 we start with the programm, thats when all children should have arrived)

The kids have the possibility, if they choose to, to sleep over from Thursday to Friday in the woods.


Englisch in der Wildnis


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